Rent a car in Antalya by MIR card

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Can I rent a car in Antalya if I pay with my MIR card?

Rent a car in Antalya by MIR card is a very popular request of tourists from Russia who want to rent a car during a vacation in Turkey.

At the moment, the card MIR is the main payment system in Russia and is not so widespread outside of it. In Turkey, where Antalya is located, the most common international payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

Perhaps some car rental companies in Antalya can accept MIR cards. You should check in advance with the specific rental companies with whom you plan to rent a car, whether they accept MIR cards.

If you can’t find a rental company that accepts MIR cards, it may be better to connect an international Visa or MasterCard, which you can use to rent a car in Antalya or take our advice.

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Rent a car in Antalya by MIR card
Rent a car in Antalya by MIR card

How to rent a car in Antalya through the card MIR?

When renting a car, there are many ways to pay, including:

You need to visit the website of a rental company LocalRent and make a reservation for a car. When choosing the payment method you will be offered to pay by MIR card (look at the picture above).

When booking a car, as a rule, you pay 15-20% of the rental price. The rest of the amount is paid upon receipt of the car and signing the contract.

Be sure to photograph the vehicle or make a video review from all angles for damage or scratches.

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Is an additional fee charged when paying for a car with a MIR card?

No, rental companies do not charge additional commissions.

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