Rent a car at Antalya Airport

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Why rent a car at Antalya Airport?

Renting a car at Antalya Airport can be a very convenient option for those planning a trip around the region. Here are a few reasons why renting a car at Antalya Airport can be profitable:

  1. Freedom of movement: renting a car gives you complete freedom of movement and allows you to plan your route on your own, without the constraints of public transport schedule.
  2. Save time: You won’t have to waste time waiting for a bus or cab, or picking up and dropping off passengers.
  3. Convenience: Car rentals provide comfort and convenience, especially if you are traveling with children or large amounts of luggage.
  4. Affordability: Car rentals can be affordable, especially if you’re traveling in a group and sharing the rental costs.
  5. Opportunity to visit remote places: car rental gives you the opportunity to visit remote places and attractions that are not always accessible by public transport.

Antalya is also located in the heart of Turkey and is a popular tourist destination, with many attractions and beautiful places to visit in the area. Car rentals can help you get the most out of your trip in the area.

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Rent a car at Antalya Airport
Rent a car at Antalya Airport

What are the prices for renting a car at Antalya Airport?

Exact prices for car rental in Antalya can depend on many factors, such as seasonality, car brand, service provider company and duration of the rental.

The average price for renting a car in Antalya airport in cash ranges from 15 to 70 euros per day. This may include basic insurance, but extras like child seats may cost extra.

If you are planning to rent a car in Antalya at a low price, it is recommended to compare prices of different companies providing services and get acquainted with all the conditions of the lease to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The cost of car rental in Antalya Airport (AYT), depending on the model of the car

Below are the prices for summer 2023. You can rent a car during the season at the price shown below (per day):

  • Renting a Fiat Fiorino – $16/day
  • Renting a Renault Symbol – $16/day
  • Renting a Peugeot 301 – $20/day
  • Renting a Renault Clio – $20/day
  • Rental of a BMW 218i Convertible – $190/day
  • Mercedes-Benz C 200 convertible rental – $190/day
  • Kia Sportage crossover rental – $65/day
  • Volvo XC90 SUV rental – $400/day

Which rental companies offer their services in Antalya Airport (Top 10)

There are many rental companies at Antalya Airport. Some of the most popular rental companies providing their services at Antalya Airport include:

  1. Rent a car in Antalya Sixt
  2. Rent a car in Antalya Avis
  3. Rent a car in Antalya Europcar
  4. Rent a car in Antalya Budget
  5. Rent a car in Antalya Hertz
  6. Rent a Car in Antalya Enterprise
  7. Rent a car in Antalya Alamo
  8. Rent a car in Antalya National
  9. Car Rental in Antalya Thrifty
  10. Car Rental in Antalya LocalRent

In addition, there are also local car rental companies at Antalya Airport, which may offer cheaper options, but you have to study them more carefully to ensure their reliability and quality of service. Before booking a car with any rental company, it is recommended to carefully read the conditions of the lease and the rules of the road in Turkey.

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What is the price of renting a car at Antalya Airport?

The average cost of renting a car at Antalya Airport starts from 20 USD.

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